Clubwall Type 300
Clubwall Type 300


Type 300; 4 panel clubwall, 6400mm wide x 2130mm high; central door 914mm wide; (fixed head design); constructed from clear toughened 12mm glass, with powder coated aluminium support posts (80mm x 40mm).


Type Of Structural Glass Assembly


Manufactured and supplied by Prospec Limited, Canklow Meadows Estate, West Bawtry Road, Rotherham S60 2XL (Tel. 01709 377147) and as approved by the WSF and England Squash.

Type 300; 4 panel Clubwall (fixed head glasswall); overall size 6400mm wide x 2130mm high.

Constructed and installed in accordance with Prospec specification and working drawings from 12mm toughened glass, edgeworked and drilled as necessary.

Manifestation to the lower 610mm of all panels and doors with 3mm wide white lines screen painted on the playing side.

Include all components and high tensile patch fittings, flush ring pull handles and latch set, powder coated aluminium support posts (80 x 40mm), glazing channels, silicone glazing compound, all screws, bushes, fixing bolts etc. required to complete the installation.

Key Benefits

  • World Squash Federation approval
  • England Squash accreditation
  • Suitable for use in narrow corridors
  • Black or white high tensile nylon hardware
  • Improves spectating for audience
  • Supplied and installed by trained personnel
  • Bespoke sizes available

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Clubwall Type 300

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